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Moosa’s steel furniture factory

Moosa Steel Furniture was established by Moosa Haji Thottivalappil in 1999 in Tirur of Malappuram district. Moosa Haji found the real potential and demand for steel almirahs in the region when he decided to start an enterprise after ending years of exile living in the Gulf. At the time, there were not many such units nearby to cater to the requirements. It was a humble beginning with two or three steel almirahs in a month. The credibility and the goodwill it built over twenty years with its integrated and committed works made Moosa Steel Furniture a most sought after household name not just in the Malabar region but in entire Kerala.

We now deal with a variety of steel furniture in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers. Our primary focus is on providing fine, stylish, state of the art, and quality steel furniture and services to organizations, companies, and other establishments in the efficient application of innovative technologies.

We are committed to helping customers build a reliable, secure, manageable, flexible, and customized infrastructure with steel furniture that establishes a foundation for our clients to meet their business objectives.


Hostel Furniture

Moosa's Steel Furniture Factories offers you the best Steel furniture for hostels. We design top-tier hostel furniture to meet the needs of the hostlers. We have a vast variety of hostel furniture which makes us the leading producer of hostel furniture. Our steel furniture factories provide high-quality steel products to further enhance the appearance of your hostel facilities. We have a single cot with shelves, a two-story cot, steel tables, chairs, shelves and more. We make elegant, trendy, and high-quality steel furniture and services. We create stylish, trendy, and high-quality steel furniture and services. Choose from different sizes, styles, and designs of furniture for hostels at affordable prices from Moosa's steel furniture factory

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Authorities in our business will tell in no uncertain terms.

Steel Decoration Solutions for Home.

Make your ideal house a reality. Connect with the best decorative solution available on our platform. Get perfectly customised furniture to match the appearance of your space. Choose the appropriate size, shape, and fashionable design that fits your home. Get ready to transform your house into what you've always wanted it to be. Take a step towards your dream with excellent steel furniture from Moos's steel furniture factory.

Customized Restaurant Furniture.

Are you starting a new restaurant or planning to renovate your current one? We offer you bulk quantities of customized furniture for your restaurant at an affordable price. We have a wide collection of eye-catching, high-quality, long-lasting steel furniture. Explore our extensive variety of restaurant furnishings..

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